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About us
Boscolo & Partners is a consulting and administrative services firm. We opened our doors in Italy in 1983 with a first office in Trieste and then expanded our local presence by opening locations in Pordenone and Conegliano.

In the early 90s, Boscolo & Partners developed its international focus by opening three offices in Romania, in the cities of Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca, now part of the Finexpert-Boscolo Group.
Our services for businesses
Boscolo & Partners assists its clients with ordinary services such as accounting, tax compliance and business consultancy. It also provides highly specialised support in extraordinary transactions, such as company valuations, accounting and tax review, M&A deals and restructuring. We believe that experience is a value at the service of the future, and is also fundamental to creating a competitive advantage for companies and facing the challenges of this historical time.
Ordinary activity
Boscolo & Partners brings its proven experience to bear in its ordinary activity, ensuring reliable, consolidated procedures. To keep even the most complex cases simple, we offer rapid, yet effective solutions that comply with applicable legislation.
Specialist services
A professional, up-to-date partner, Studio Boscolo provides indispensable specialist support to companies facing the dynamics of a constantly changing market. Its consolidated expertise allows it to manage tax matters, investigations and audits, as well as M&A deals.
International services
With over 30 years of international business, Boscolo & Partners offers its experience to Italian companies focusing on EU and non-EU markets, as well as to foreign companies operating in Italy. Its thorough understanding of the market and legislation, along with its focus on the preliminary phases of the various activities, make Boscolo a solid, reliable partner.
Our offices
25.07.22 Taxes
Growth tax relief (ACE) that may be used at the group level in tax consolidation
The question In 2021 a company benefited from the innovative growth tax relief scheme known as “ACE” (“super” version), which decreased its taxable income. The company participates in the Italian national tax consolidation programme, and thus completes section GN of the Italian income tax return. What tax base does the consolidating entity need to consider […]
25.07.22 Taxes
Fashion inventories relief without deductions: the amount remains 30%
The textile relief scheme for the tax period in progress at 31 December 2021 is available in the full 30% of the value of the period-end inventories in excess of the average for the previous three years. Revenue Agency decision no. 236366/2022 states that the amount of the relief is equal to the full amount […]
29.04.22 Taxes
Merchants, from the ceiling of revenues to the decline of turnover: this is how the outright grant fund may be applied for starting on 3 May
From noon on Tuesday, 3 May until noon on Tuesday, 24 May it will be possible to file applications for outright grants for retail businesses most affected by the Covid-19 containment measures.Applications can only be sent using the IT procedure made available by the Ministry at of the grants provided for in Article 2 […]
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